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2017 HRA Rodeo of the year - Richer Roughstock Rodeo

Congratulations to Richer Roughstock Rodeo on being voted as Heartland Rodeo Association's 2017 Rodeo of the Year.

Congratulations to Amanda Wasyliw on being voted as the 2017 Heartland Rodeo Association Cowgirl of the year.
Bible sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Cowboys and presented by Donna Baker
Buckle sponsored by the Hanover Ag Society and presented by Curtis Dawydiuk

Congratulations to Norm Sterzer on being voted Heartland Rodeo Association's 2017 Cowboy of the year.
Bible sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Cowboys and presented by Donna Baker
Buckle Sponsored by the Hanover Ag Society and Presented by Alyssa Empson.

To everyone who voted for me as Cowboy of the Year:

A very sincere and heartfelt thank you. It is incredibly humbling that you think I deserve this honor. You cannot know how this has made a very difficult summer a whole lot brighter.
In truth, I share this title with so many people that have helped shape our success.
Cam and Jay, two awesome pickup men – you guys are always fun to watch work.
Terry Marshal was such a great pickup man and always supportive and encouraging.
Dallas, Jim Bob and Derrick – you guys always go above and beyond your bullfighting duties, helping everywhere you can. It’s been a blast watching you develop into awesome bullfighters.
Ivan and Dianne – you two are my rock. I never have to worry when you are at a rodeo. You both make my job so much easier. I never worry about anything from sound to secretary.
Rod Manchester, Rod Gladue and Jodi Winkler – always supportive, always an ear when I need to bitch. Thank you!
The true unsung heroes of rodeo – the people working the back pens seldom getting thanked, always getting shit on and kicked and almost always smiling an having fun. You guys are my heroes. Thank you.

To the many Rodeo Committees that we have the privilege to work with – I am constantly amazed at how few good people working with very few resources an very little recognition can put together such a great event year after year. Your believe and support in us can never be repaid.

To Hanover Ag Society – your buckle will be proudly and prominently displayed in our home an will be a cherished memento.
To Terry and Donna Baker – the beautiful Christian Cowboy Bible will be a precious family heirloom that I hope will be passed down through many generations.
To all the cowboy and cowgirl rodeo family an friends that have offered their support, their sympathy and their hope – you have touched my heart in a way I can’t describe.
To those who offer criticism – thank you, I welcome it. My goal is to constantly improve the Seven Cross Ranch and Rodeo. Without honest criticism, where do you strive to improve?
2017 will be remembered as a bittersweet year for me, but no I look forward to 2018 with renewed enthusiasm. Thank you to the great rodeo family that is the Heartland Rodeo Association.

Norm Sterzer

The Heartland Rodeo Association was created in 1995 to promote and continue the sport of rodeo in Manitoba, with the entire family in mind. It is built open family oriented weekends, giving contestants of all ages the opportunity to compete in rodeo events. Today, it is still a strong and growing association, hosting rodeos throughout the year in various locations throughout the province. Competitors strive towards achieving the highest number of points in each of the 9 major and 2 minor events throughout the rodeo season. To end each season, the Heartland Rodeo Association holds a finals weekend, where top qualifiers compete for a chance to win awards.

- 7-6 Ranch Children's Wish Foundation Fundraiser

- Manitoba Bareback/Saddlebronc Riding School
The 2018 HRA Rulebook is now available online.