HRA Hall of Fame

Please take a moment to thank each of these inductees for their contribution
on making the HRA what it is today.

(AL) Andrew Lindsey Brown (1952-2018)

Al Brown was the man with a dream. He was the brains and the brawn of the Heartland Rodeo Association, an ambassador to the sport of rodeo in Manitoba. Al was the owner and operator of the Midnight Rodeo Company. He put his reputation and livelihood on the line, bringing 6 rodeos to the HRA for its 1996 inaugural rodeo season. Al was a strong believer in ensuring the HRA was an affordable family oriented association. 

Norm Sterzer was one of the members on the inaugural board of directors. Norm has been involved in the sport of rodeo for over 25 years. Norm started out as a sub-contractor of timed event cattle, and as the need for a complete stock contractor grew, the Sterzer family made a decision that 7 Cross Ranch would become a stock contractors company. Norm and his family have made their business what it is today and he is extremely proud that his company is family operated.

Dianna & Ivan Ahntholz have been true supporters of the Heartland Rodeo Association from the first season of rodeo. They have been members, sponsors, and rodeo personnel for all 20 years.

Ivan is the original voice of the HRA. He held a position on the board of directors for 4 years. Ivan continues to announce the majority of HRA rodeos.  

Dianna has been a timer for the HRA since the beginning. She has held timer clinics and also had numerous new timers shadow under her.

Claude Potvin was elected as the original president of the Heartland Rodeo Association at the first board meeting in Portage in 1995. Claude has been on the board for 10 of those 20 years and currently holds the position of Committee Director. Claude has competed in both steer wrestling and saddle bronc riding. He has won year end and finals awards in both of those categories. He was awarded the Cowboy of the Year award in the inaugural 1996 season. Claude has worked as a judge and arena director for many years.

Terry Marshall was a very loyal supporter of the Heartland Rodeo Association. He believed there was a need for the HRA so that a family could rodeo without endless hours of travel and he was never afraid to voice his opinion about it. As a contestant, Terry completed in team roping, but in the rodeo arena, he was known as “the lifesaver”. His skills as a pickup man were second to no one in this country! Terry would never see anybody stuck in any situation, and was always willing to help out in any way he could. He was a great hazer for any steer wrestler that asked for his services. Terry was awarded the 2014 cowboy of the year, he was extremely proud and honoured to receive this award.

Terry passed away suddenly in January of 2015.  He will always be remembered for his love of the HRA and his dedication to the association. 

Ken was presented this Award at his hometown rodeo
( Shilo Rodeo in July 2011).  Ken is being recognized for
all of his hard work and dedication to rodeo over the years. He has been a significant supporter of Heartland and the sport of rodeo in Manitoba for well over 15 years.

Ken helped to make Heartland Rodeo into what it is today.  He has served the association as a well respected competitor, judge, and sponsor. He lead the association as President and continued as a board of directors member for many years.

Ken has been a long time member and competitor. He is very proud of his horses who both were recognized as Heel Horse of the Year many times. Ken had the opportunity to rope with his son and grandsons at Shilo Rodeo this past year and he considers this one of his greatest moments in rodeo. Family and friends have always been important to Ken, and he always has a smile or joke to share in and out of the rodeo arena.

Ken Kelly has been an integral part of rodeo in Manitoba and to the Heartland Rodeo Association.

 He is the second member to be given the HRA Gold Card Award.

 The Heartland Rodeo Association would like to sincerely thank Ken for his contributions to the association.